Monday, March 2, 2009

Ahh March has arrived

Have I ever mentioned that I hate February?

OK, hate is a strong word, but you know, if there is any month that needs an ass kicking, it's February. Ok, here's my points:

  • It's too darn short! 28 days? C'mon. You know that February did something to someone to deserve that.
  • Its chameleon like way of having 29 days every few years, its icy grip and its general lack of sunshine (for us Western NY residents), it's the one month that is just begging for it.
  • Not to mention that for most the Christmas credit card bills really come home to roost and what with having one less week to pay.
  • When you send out the mortgage you think "Didn't I just do this?"
  • February follows January, the almost as icy, bigger sibling with its larger than life 31 days...

So how can you generate any kind of love for such a month? It's tough I tell you, tough!

But, in my never ending quest for self improvement, and general reduction of negativity in my life, I have decided to try and find a few things to like about the month. I'm not saying that we will have lunch any time soon, or exchanging torte recipies, but maybe if I can find a few rays of sunshine in its previously gray exterior, I might not feel so bad about it.

So here goes...

  1. Well, as Februarys go, this one was rather unremarkable.*
  2. It wasn't half as cold as January (this year).
  3. I suppose there were some triumphs at work, we did get our behaviour classes up and their events being raised, much to the chagrin of my boss. I guess reading and re-reading the GOF design patterns book finally sunk in.
  4. On a personal note, my daughters lacrosse team won two games in a row last month which for them is an acheivement (The lacrosse program at their school is in its' infancy).
  5. To refute my previous weather claim might be going a bit far, however, I did get out and ride ten miles on the last day of the month. Frozen toes notwithstanding, it felt pretty good to get off the rollers and ride with the (skin numbing) wind in your face.
  6. Finally, I found out that my good friend Jody Meyer was married to hubby Jeff on February 29th 2000, and her story might just warm the hardest of hearts if you care to read it.
So, I guess I have found a few points to take the edge off my terminal dislike of the month and I think its wonderful that there is almost a whole year before having to experience her unique 'joy' again...

Let's just see how March shapes up. Here's hoping that the months don't share any tips as they make their way past our lives and ours through theirs.

Until next time,

* We did have an incredibly tragic event happen locally during the month, but out of respect and dignity, I chose not to mention it. Maybe you should consider not mentioning it as well, no need to pile on. Thanks

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  1. LOL! Finding a ray of sunshine isn't always the easiest thing to do in February. Welcome to March. Is it going to come in like a Lion? And go out like a Lamb? Or... will it be the other way around?

    The seasons give us so much to complain about... it's part of the charm of living in the north. :O) And... it's pretty cool when it's the only thing we can find to complain about.

    Spring is coming... thanks for the smiles,