Thursday, October 1, 2009

Charlie asks for assistance

SW Fox
approaches. It is the preeminent (and only, I think) VFP conference held in the states. The quality of the speakers, facilities and people is second to none. Not to mention the October weather in Mesa isn't too bad when compared to Buffalo.

Alas, it was not in the stars for me to attend this year. I have to stay at the office to "tend the garden" as it were... In the words of Yoda, "Saddened, I was". But, as things often go... sometime during the intervening months our communities own "Charlies Angels"* suggested that I simply fly in over the weekend for the "social aspect" of the conference. Great idea, but implementation is generally more difficult than planning. Some plans we made for lightening the financial load went awry... So, here I am at the intersection of "Really want to" avenue and "Is that prudent?" boulevard. All domestic T's are crossed, however the financial I's aren't quite dotted and here is where the assistance part comes in.
For a donation to the "Help Charlie get to SW Fox" fund, daughter Steph (@Steph_Lyon on twitter) and I will make you a t-shirt with maybe a logo and / or a pithy phrase. I will bring these shirts to SW Fox for distribution (If you're not attending or don't know an attendee, we'll figure something out). We are kicking around a few ideas for the final design, so I will post the design Friday night (10/2/2009) .

Not looking to have the trip shouldered by others, just make it a bit easier financially. Shoot me a DM via twitter or an email if your interested in helping out or just want to flame me.


* Charlies Angels: Jody, Cathy, Toni - Because I coined the phrase somehow I was appointed Charlie, and I think Craig Bernston has already volunteered for the role of Bosley (all other roles remain open).

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