Saturday, October 17, 2009

SW Fox Update

Well, I went and did it.

I decided to be a little bit crazy and head to the land of the sun for a little "face time" with my friends from the Foxpro community. We all chat or tweet or email on an almost daily basis, but we only have a few times per year to actually "see" each other, and SWFox has to be the mac-daddy of the times we can get together.

The weather in Buffalo was cold, rainy and a perfect precursor if not polar opposite to the weather here in Phoenix. A quick hop to Philly on a crowded DC9 was a bit of a hassle, but not too bad. The plane was a bit late, so I had to hustle from terminal B to A to catch the flight to Phoenix. It was nice that the plane had a lot of vacancies which allowed me to have row 26 all to myself. I actually curled up on the whole 3 seats and had a bit of a nap and bing, we were landing. Cool!

Had to circle the Sky Harbor terminal a few times in order for the transportation to find another SWFox attendee who had also just arrived. A quick ride to the resort, and there I am.

Feeling a little like an interloper as I made my way to Chez Feltman, the suitcase clacking out a tempo as I get closer. Round the corner, and there it is, replete with many VFP'ers hanging out. Walt Krzystek, Kevin Cully, Doug Hennig, Kevin Ragsdale and a half dozen or so others. Rumour had it that the remainder of the gang was at the hot tub (A place which I will call "The Grotto" henceforth). A quick trip around the corner and we're together again. Jody, Toni, Cathy (the Angels), Craig, Alan, Mike, Steve, YAG!!!, Frank, Sam and a few others. We sang, we drank, we made meat helmets.

We called it a night (morning) at about 6am EST, which made for a continuous 24 hours for me and I was a bit tired. Got up this morning had some great conversation with my erstwhile roommate, had a bit of lunch, and am manning the booth for Matrix for a few hours.

If your here, come visit.

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