Tuesday, October 27, 2009

14 Flavors of Awesome

nce upon a time, in the magical city of Phoenix (or Mesa), at a golf course on sabbatical, a small twibe of developers converged. The group escapes the impending icy freeze of their home locales for a few days of learning, laughing and (daresay) loving (and no, not that kind). In the year (2^11)-39, this plucky band of folks met again to make or renew friendships and have a good time. This is is the pictorial of some of the happenings...

he Grotto became the place to meet. After the dinners, the races, the trips to Albertsons. The locale gave rise to epic stories of things gone right and things gone wrong.

Some people willingly get their nails done
Some men know exactly when to say when, others not so much...

Barb sings, Mike Plays, Walt thinks, Cristof drinks, Alan plots world domination.

Soak your feet, get your laugh on. Alan, Jody and Yag.

The Pink Ladies (minus 1, and technically a Thunderbird) make their appearance

Alan, are you trying to say something?

Seems like there was a lot of crush for Mike Feltman evident. Even Yag was caught up in the mood. He is fetching in pink, isn't he?

The Russian shows .Net Girl... "In mother Russia, pizza orders you". (carefully note the fluid level in the Patron tank)

Cristof making a point with Mike while Alan and .Net girl relax. Not sure who that is at the bottom. The hair-do narrows it.

@MrOof, come in @MrOof?

@MrOof is 404

Charlies Angels made their appearance. You can even see most of their hands.

Rachel waits for Alan to drop some pearls of wisdom.

Wisdom dispensed. Don self satisfied look.

Then some bitches showed up.

Well, I orignally came on to post MrOofs wedding pictures, but did this instead. Wedding pics tomorrow. Maybe

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